Better Together!

Joining a Group will help you CONNECT with other people, GROW in your relationship with God, and SERVE others in love.

Groups consist of individuals or families who are committed to doing LIFE TOGETHER. They meet regularly in homes, coffee shops, restaurants, and other gathering places for the purpose of connecting with God, one another, and the local community.
A Group only needs a facilitator(s) and a group of people who are eager to grow stronger together.

Groups FAQ

How often do groups meet?
Groups meet on different days and times throughout the week. In order to connect, grow, and serve most effectively, groups are encouraged to meet weekly or bi-weekly. A group typically meets for an hour and a half to two hours.
Where do groups meet?
Groups meet in homes, coffee shops, restaurants and other gathering places throughout Hanover and the surrounding communities. Each group is free to decide where they will meet.
Who will be in my group?
Explore the current open groups or grab some people you already know and may already be doing life with and start being intentional about connecting, growing, and serving TOGETHER! It’s that simple. If you would like to start a group please contact our Executive Director for more information.
If you need help finding a group, click the button below to check out current groups.
What happens in a group?
Connecting with people means laughing, crying, celebrating and caring for one another. Groups typically have food, good conversation, a time to study biblical truth, and prayer for one another. Groups may meet informally for bbq’s, sporting events, and other outings. Groups are also encouraged to serve together and live missionally.
What does a group study?
Our primary study resource is sermon-based questions. The goal is to take what we’ve heard on the weekend and unpack it in the context of community, dig deeper, and talk about what it means to live it out together.